Our Vision & Mission

At Hold Your Toke, we stand as the premier avenue for investing in blockchain businesses, driven by a compelling vision and mission that shape our trajectory in the dynamic world of digital finance. Our unwavering vision centers on the inevitability of digital currencies, commodities, and assets, advocating for a complete overhaul of the world’s financial infrastructure. Simultaneously, our mission is clear: to offer extensive coverage of early-stage blockchain investments, opening doors to the captivating realm of emerging blockchain unicorns.

As we proudly embark on our fifth year, Hold Your Toke’s investment strategies have garnered the support of a global community, boasting over 200 investors who believe in our commitment to reshaping the financial landscape. Our journey thus far includes investments in 20+ pure-play blockchain venture capital funds across the Americas, Asia, and Europe. This strategic deployment has culminated in a diverse portfolio encompassing a staggering 2,000+ blockchain companies and projects, featuring over 60 blockchain unicorns.

Headquartered in the innovation hub of San Francisco, Hold Your Toke extends its influence to global financial centers, maintaining a strong presence in London, New York, Grand Cayman, Zug, and Zurich. Our roots trace back to the vision of co-founder Steven Beard, who, along with our dynamic team, has propelled the firm to the forefront of alternative investment management.

Vision: Pioneering Financial Infrastructure Upgrade

Our vision serves as a rallying cry for the inevitability of digital currencies, commodities, and assets. We firmly believe that the current financial infrastructure worldwide is on the brink of transformation and must evolve to meet the demands of the digital era. At Hold Your Toke, we envision a future where cutting-edge technologies redefine the very fabric of global finance.

Mission: Nurturing Blockchain Unicorns and Fast-Growing Enterprises

Our mission is to curate a comprehensive landscape of early-stage blockchain investments, focusing on emerging unicorns and the fastest-growing companies and projects. Hold Your Toke is dedicated to providing investors with unparalleled access to the most promising ventures within the dynamic blockchain space.

Our Blockchain Investment Edge: A Decade of Distinction

Hold Your Toke has diligently worked for a decade to cultivate a unique and sustainable competitive advantage in the realm of blockchain investing. Our edge emanates from enduring relationships with premier blockchain venture capital funds and leading companies, including a notable 40+ blockchain unicorns. This extensive network grants us proprietary access and asymmetric information, enabling us to make informed direct investment decisions.

Furthermore, the Hold Your Toke team boasts a cumulative experience of over 150 years in early-stage Internet and Fintech investing. This wealth of expertise positions us as trailblazers in navigating the complexities of the blockchain landscape, reinforcing our commitment to delivering superior value to our investors.